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Hey there!

Welcome to All About Hair! Led by me, a 30-year veteran and former salon owner, we offer comprehensive hair education for all levels. From basics to advanced techniques, our tutorials cover tools, styles, care, color theory, and more. With insider tips and user-friendly guides, learning is accessible anywhere.


Join our global community and master the art of hairstyling with us!💖

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Sharing my experience with new hair stylists is something I'm totally into because I've been there, done that, and got the scissors to prove it! Seriously though, seeing fresh faces light up with excitement as they learn the ropes warms my heart. It's like being a proud mama bird watching her chicks take flight. Plus, when we all share our knowledge, it's like a big ol' hair party where everyone leaves looking and feeling fabulous. So yeah, teaching newbies isn't just a gig for me, it's a passion project that keeps the industry buzzing with creativity and talent!

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