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How to handle a Toxic Co-Worker

You know who we’re talking about…she’s the one who never has anything nice to say about anyone else and is constantly complaining. Don’t let her bad vibe crush your zen attitude.

Don’t succumb to the power of gossip.

It’s a rare person who isn’t at all interested in gossip, but next time one of your coworkers is telling all the dirty little secrets about another salon employee just walk away. It’s one thing to want to know celebrity dirt, but it’s another to partake in a dish session about what someone “heard” about someone else in the salon. It’s just bad form to perpetuate rumors and the easiest way to get that gossip to stop spreading rumors is to ignore her. She’s not going to keep talking if there’s nobody interested in her story.

Don’t EVER talk about clients in front of other clients. Period.

End of story. As soon as a client hears you talking about another client, she will wonder if you do the same with her once she leaves the salon. It’s unprofessional. If your coworker is doing it, don’t engage her in the conversation.

Be like a duck and let it roll right off your back.

If you have a complainer on your hands, just ignore it. You don’t need to snap at the person, just walk away.

Deal with your dirty laundry in the laundry room.

If you absolutely must say something to another coworker, don’t ever do it in front of clients. Ask to speak to the offending person in the back room or later when the salon is closed. Only then should you bring up your concerns with how the person is conducting herself.

If it isn’t something you can work out between yourselves, get the manager or owner involved.

Sometimes it takes a third party to solve the problem. Or if it’s more serious and you suspect your coworker of something worse than idle gossip, you definitely want someone with authority to intervene.

get manager involved


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