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In-Salon Workshops

$ 750/workshop

We provide workshop topics customized to the needs of your salon team!


Successful Consultations
The consultation is truly the most important part for setting you and the client up for a successful service. How to ask the right questions to set yourself up for success! Every client, every time! Reduce your re-do rate, have happier guests, and learn how to be confident from the first hand-shake.

Goal Setting

Success is about hard work and focusing on your numbers. Tracking your numbers is vital to your success and your paycheck. What numbers to track, how to track, why it's important - and how to celebrate the wins!

Creating Powerful Values & Culture
Create your team's values in a creative way! Getting your team to join in to help create the culture for your salon.

Front Desk Client Communications
Learn best practices for in-person, phone & digital communications + the emotional intellegence principles that are needed to build trusting relationships with your guests. 


Selling Retail the Easy way
Learn the best way to sell retail without feeling pushy so you can out earn your current income!

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